The Raccoon

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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

The Raccoon is the second poem shown to the player by Yuri. However, the poem will not be shown if the player's two poems have appealed Sayori and Natsuki more then her and on Natsuki and Yuri's fight at the end of day one, the player chose to back up Natsuki. Instead Yuri explains why she is responsible for the fight with Natsuki and that she sees you like Natsuki more than her.

Full Text

It happened in the dead of night while I was slicing bread for a guilty snack.
My attention was caught by the scuttering of a raccoon outside my window.
That was, I believe, the first time I noticed my strange tendencies as an unordinary human.
I gave the raccoon a piece of bread, my subconscious well aware of the consequences.
Well aware that a raccoon that is fed will always come back for more.
The enticing beauty of my cutting knife was the symptom.
The bread, my hungry curiosity.
The raccoon, an urge.

The moon increments its phase and reflects that much more light off of my cutting knife.
The very same light that glistens in the eyes of my raccoon friend.
I slice the bread, fresh and soft. The raccoon becomes excited.
Or perhaps I'm merely projecting my emotions onto the newly-satisfied animal.

The raccoon has taken to following me.
You could say that we've gotten quite used to each other.
The raccoon becomes hungry more and more frequently, so my bread is always handy.
Every time I brandish my cutting knife, the raccoon shows me its excitement.
A rush of blood. Classic Pavlovian conditioning. I slice the bread.
And I feed myself again.


This section contains speculation for Doki Doki Literature Club! and should not be taken as fact.

Many have speculated that the poem is an allegory for Yuri's habit of self-harm.