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This is an infobox template which can be used to provide basic information on character pages.

Adding more rows to this infobox template is simple. Use:

|label(n)   = Label
|data(n)    = {{{parameter|default value}}}

Where (n) is a number which has not already been used in the template.


  • name - The name of the character. Defaults to the page name.
  • color - Color of the title box, defaults to DDLC's dark pink (#ffbde1).
  • image - An image of the character.
  • upright - Used to set the size of the image. Defaults to 1. (more about uprights)
  • alt - Alternate text describing the image. Used if the image fails to load and by screen readers.
  • caption - A caption which appears underneath the image.
  • voice - The voice actor for the character, if one exists.
  • age - The age of the character (if their birth date is unknown).
  • born - The date of birth of the character (if known).
  • font - The font(s) which the character uses.
  • height - The character's height.
  • hair - The character's hair color.
  • eyes - The character's eye color.

If [character]/Gallery exists, it will also link to the character's gallery.


Image alt text
Voiced by Voice actor
Born Date of birth (Age)
Font Font
Height Height
Hair color Hair color
Eye color Eye color
{{Infobox character
|name = Character
|color = #ffbde1
|image = image.png
|upright = 0.4
|alt = Image alt text
|caption = Caption
|voice = Voice actor
|born = Date of birth (Age)
|font = Font
|height = Height
|hair = Hair color
|eyes = Eye color