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So I'm sorry for continuing to go on about the @p4talk edit I recently made, but for even more evidence that @p4talk used to be an entirely different account unaffiliated with Dan Salvato, there's this tweet from Satchely:

The tweet was made in September, yet the current @p4talk account was created in December. This would only be possible if @p4talk was deleted and then turned into a different account, and that seems to have very little to do with Dan Salvato.

Finishing this off is the fact that the tweet from @lilmonix3 referencing @p4talk was recently deleted--after all, the original @p4talk no longer exists either. I imagine Dan did this since he was seeing how confusing it was getting for a lot of people. @p4talk is no longer relevant no matter how you look at it, especially since Dan has indirectly stated that @lilmonix3 is the only in-universe account he manages.