Save Me (Act 2)

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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Save Me is the second poem shown to the player by Monika in Act 2. It's a corrupted version of the poem of the same name from Act 1.

Full Text

The colors, they won't
Bright, bea t ful c l rs
Flash ng, exp nd ng, piercing
Red, green, blue
An  ndless
Of meaningless

The noise, it won't STOP.
Viol nt, grating w vef rms
Sq e king, screech ng, piercing
    Like play ng a ch lkboard on a t rntable
        Like playing a KNIFE on a BREATHING RIBCAGE
 n  ndl ss
p  m
Of m  n ngl ss

Delete Her


  • Before the v1.1.1 update, "CACOPHONY" was misspelled as "CACOPHANY".