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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

The credits scene begins with static, which slowly resolves into a scrolling sequences of distorted images. These images appear to be distorted and discolored versions of monika.jpg.


After several seconds, a faint voice is heard, which slowly resolves into Monika’s voice. She talks about how she had been practicing piano and proceeds to sing a song. The first verse is shown on-screen and the credits begin to roll afterward. The lyrics of this song, as transcribed in the DDLC Fanpack, are as follows:

Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you
In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you
The ink flows down into a dark puddle
Just move your hand - write your way into his heart!
But in this world of infinite choices
What will it take just to find that special day?
What will it take just to find that special day?
Have I found everybody a fun assignment to do today?
When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway
When I can't even read my own feelings
What good are words when a smile says it all?
And if this world won't write me an ending
What will it take just for me to have it all?
Does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?
Is it love if I take you, or is it love if I set you free?
The ink flows down into a dark puddle
How can I write love into reality?
If I can't hear the sound of your heartbeat
What do you call love in your reality?
And in your reality, if I don't know how to love you
I'll leave you be

The credits include the names of people who contributed to the creation of the game, as well as a “Special Thanks” section containing Monika and the player character’s name. As the credits scroll down, the CGs from the game are displayed alongside the names of contributors. The CGs are monochromatic if the player has not seen them in-game. Throughout the credits, a terminal in the top right enters commands which delete the images scrolling by if not all of the CGs have been seen, replacing them with a generic “image not found”.

The game ends with a message written by Monika.


If the player has seen all of the CGs, a handwritten note from Dan Salvato will be shown in lieu of Monika’s message, thanking the player.


After the player reads it, the game claims that script files are corrupted and that the game must be reinstalled. This persists even if the game is restarted. In reality, this is a fake error, and the game can be restarted manually by deleting the game/firstrun file.

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