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Who is Libitina

From projectlibitina site/report:

- Libitina is a "normal" three-year-old girl born on January 5, currently at Wing A, Room 114 at the time the report was created *(January 5, 2004, which marks her birthday)*.

- Her "Significance Level" is 100. *(I think this is a measure if a human posesses a what they call "Third Eye", which makes her a perfect subject.)*

- There are previous info to this person, but the researchers noted to erased it. Also from December 5, 2003 no one permitted to "modify" that info.

- There are some experiments where there's a bias due to attachment to her *(well, they are experimenting a **child** for Christ sake!)* and whoever does this will be punished *by death*. (Death?! Really?!)

- On her physical test results performed on January 5, 2004 (remember they are dealing with a three year old child) she's normal and can feel pain *(what the heck are they doing)*, but the time she (or the researchers, or something, *we don't know*) activate her "Third Eye" she suddenly experiencing:

   * fast heartbeat,  
   * a 1 millisecond reaction time, *(can be actually lower)*  
   * an unknown amount of strength,  
   * has a "Local Distortion" measuring 434 *(she's blurring on the reseachers' eyes?)* with a decay of 29,  
   * "Positivity" of 1 (on the scale of 1 to 10), *(she's going psycho?)*  
   * "Sensitivity" of 9 (on the scale of 1 to 10), *(more sensitive even she just touch?)*  
   * and "Control" of 1 (on the scale of 1 to 10). *(she [or the researchers] can't control it)*  

- On her physical notes, researchers note that she had vocal tics, twitches herself, biting *(what? Don't tell me...)*, watering eyes, vomits *(this reminds me of Natsuki's vomit CG)*, sudden screaming, and laughs out of nowhere. She can also harm a reseacher *(this is not good)*, and sometimes harms herself *(THIS IS REALLY BAD!)*.

- They also perform some tests while she is in "Third Eye" mode, which she:

   * Perfectly responds physically and emotionally but can't control both of them,
   * Can perfectly activate "Third Eye" without any problems, but cannot supress it
   * She can respond to minor threats and eliminates it
   * She can also respond to life-threatining threats and eliminate that

- On the test notes, the researchers bypassed the "Sexual Response Test" *(WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!!)*, but denied to bypass the "Third Eye" activation and life-threating tests. Also someone died on this test. "Libitina" suddenly became weak after the test.

- "You are choosing to avoid the measures necessary to prevent a repeat scenario, Doctor. Will you not have as much faith in your personnel as you do in your God?" *(My interpretation here is that they tried to stop to do the test, but continued anyway.)*

- *(I had a guess that this girl is already on the research from the time she was born, does a tests every month on the exact same day for three years, though something happened on her third year and suddenly stopped the research at her third birthday)*