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Monika Poem - Glitch Poem (draft)

To add Topic 27 from the chatter roaster, one persistent variable must be set to True (seen_colors_poem):

From ch30_waitloop on script-ch30.rpy:

   if len(persistent.monikatopics) == 0:
       persistent.monikatopics = range(1,57)
       if not persistent.seen_colors_poem:
       persistent.current_monikatopic = random.choice(persistent.monikatopics)

The only time that the variable was set is from script-poemresponses2.rpy:

   label ch23_m_start:
       $ nextscene = "m2_yuri_" + str(eval("y_appeal"))
       call expression nextscene
       if y_appeal < 3:
           m 1a "Anyway..."
           if y_gave:
               m 1m "I guess we won't worry about your poem..."
               m "Yuri should have at least had the courtesy of letting you finish sharing it before taking it."
               m 1r "...Well, whatever."
               m "If it makes her happy, I won't stop her."
               m 1a "As for mine..."
           m 1e "I worked really...really hard on this poem, so..."
           m "I hope that it's, uh, effective."
           m 1r "Here goes..."
           $ persistent.seen_colors_poem = True

That only code triggers when Monika picked on second poem sharing. Which will show...

   label ch23_m_end:
       $ quick_menu = False
       window hide
       play sound page_turn
       show paper_glitch zorder 10 with Dissolve(1)
       play music g2
       if and
           $ mouse_visible = False
           scene bsod
           pause 3.0
           show black zorder 1
           pause 2.0
       window show(None)
       show monika 1d zorder 11 at i11
       $ quick_menu = True
       $ mouse_visible = True

So Topic 27 is talking about the glitched poem (that will show bluescreen when the game is in the full screen).