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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

At the beginning of each playthrough, three special poems are chosen randomly to be shown throughout the game at predefined points in the plot. There are a total of 11 special poems.


Poem special1.png

This is a crudely drawn stick figure of Sayori's hanged corpse. There is red coloring present underneath the figure's empty eyes and on its hands.


Poem special2.png

This poem is just a short sentence: "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" A short giggle sound plays when the poem is clicked away.


Poem special3.png

It's a blackout poem reading "nothingisreal?" However, the image can be manipulated and text can be read underneath the black bars. The full poem reads as follows:

Irregular heartbeat. Heart palpitations. Arrhythmia. I search and search, eyes scanning everything I can find on their symptoms. What is this? Shortness of breath? Chest pain? Dizziness? No. This is all wrong. Elyssa's symptoms are nowhere near this simple. I've seen it twice now. The screams of pain. Sickeningly pale skin. Vomiting blood. There is no other explanation, other than that Renier's information was a complete and utter lie.
This can't all be coincidence. It's not possible. I don't know how much of this Renier is behind. But I do know this: There is something horribly wrong with this family. And I accepted the invitation to become a part of it.
I can hear Elyssa's screams through the walls now. I listen helplessly. Renier said that he would be with her shortly. Is he in her room now? Why is she screaming even louder than before?

There exist no references to Renier or Elyssa in the rest of the game's files.


Poem special4.png

The black bar cannot be manipulated to find text under it, unlike in poem_special3.png. However, the text almost certainly obscures "Yuri." In a livestream celebrating the first anniversary of the release of the game, Dan Salvato confirmed that the poem was written by Monika and explains its significance to her[1]

"This poem was written from the perspective of Monika, because– this is around the time where Monika is really starting to experiment with mortality in her universe. And, you know, she's so casual about the whole thing, because at this point she feels so detached from [...] the universe that she's in, that it's almost like it doesn't even matter to her anymore. [...] The feeling of her [...] feeling physical pain– or doing that sort of thing to herself– she describes it as exhilarating because it's something that is allowing her to feel something in this universe that has become so incredibly meaningless to her."

poem_special5a.png & poem_special5b.png

Poem special5a.pngPoem special5b.png

This poem instructs the player to stare at a dot to reveal a special message. After ten seconds, the dot changes to the text "i love you".


Poem special6.png

This poem seems to loosely parallel Sayori, Monika, and the player's relationship.

poem_special7a.png & poem_special7b.png

Poem special7a.pngPoem special7b.png

This doesn't appear to be a poem. Instead, it's a broken and distorted Monika. When the player tries to dismiss the poem, the second image displays for 10 milliseconds before continuing.


Poem special8.png


Poem special9.png

Though there's no confirmation of this, it's speculated that Natsuki is the author of this poem due to her numerous references to her father.


Poem special10.png


Poem special11.png


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