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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.
Natsuki turned with her hands on her hips.
Natsuki's menu screen image.
Age 18[1]
Font Ammys Handwriting
Height 4'11" (149cm)[2]
Hair color Pink
Eye color Pink

Natsuki is one of the five Literature Club members. Her name is a common unisex given name in Japanese. She is the smallest of the club members to the point where the main character assumes that she's a first-year student.


Natsuki is introduced to play off the trope of small-but-feisty tsundere girl, as discussed by Monika in Act 3. She's initially cold and not receptive to the main character but begins to be more open and emotional with him as time passes.


Natsuki, uniquely, doesn’t seem to have any of her own problems and never meets a grisly end. However, hints are given throughout the story which suggest that her home life is troubled and that she struggles with a neglectful and potentially abusive family, including the ninth special poem and her edited comment in Act 2 about how her "dad would beat the shit out of [her]" were he to find her manga.

In Act 2, if the player’s poems have appealed to Natsuki the most, Monika notes that the way to gain her affection is to have a snack at hand. She elaborates, saying that her father doesn’t give her lunch money or leave food in the house, guessing that this is the cause of her small stature.

Natsuki’s last appearance in Act 2 is when she walks in on Monday to find the player next to Yuri’s corpse. She vomits, runs away, is deleted offscreen by Monika and is not seen again until Act 4.

Dan Salvato has stated that he wishes he could have added more content to Natsuki’s character. However, no such content is currently planned.


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