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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.
Main character
The main character hugging Sayori.
The main character hugging Sayori in her final CG.
Age 18[1]
Hair color Brown

The main character is the protagonist of the game, but also serves a deeper purpose for the plot of the story, as revealed in Act 3. He's a male character and is separate from the player.


The main character's name is decided by the player at the beginning of a playthrough of the game. This has no impact on the game–there exists no special content or other story changes triggered by particular names, and there's no restriction on the content of the name.


Though the main character is primarily a proxy for the player, he still has an independent personality. He can be blunt and unenthusiastic at times, choosing to join the Literature Club in Act 1 only after being coerced by his childhood friend, Sayori. He enjoys manga, but doesn't read very much otherwise. He cares deeply about Sayori, but can be oblivious to her plight at times, most notably at the end of Act 1, when he doesn't check on her in the morning of her death.


In Act 3, Monika reveals that she knows that there exists a player behind the façade of the main character, noting that she knows nothing about the player. However, she will attempt to guess the player's real name by using the name of the account on which the player is running Doki Doki Literature Club!. In Act 2, the main character can be manipulated by Monika and appears to have no memory of his previous experiences in Act 1. The main character does not speak at all in Act 3.


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