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This page contains spoilers for the plot of Doki Doki Literature Club!.

The Literature Club is a club at an unnamed high school presumed to be in Japan. All varieties of literature are apparently welcomed, including novels, poetry, and manga. For some unexplained reason, the president of the Literature Club appears to gain total knowledge of the game's universe, control of the game's files, and awareness of the real world and person playing the game. The club's hierarchy changes over the course of the story.


The Literature Club has a total of five members over the course of the game and hopes to attract additional members during the school's festival. Only four members are needed for the school to recognize it as an official club.


Monika is the founder and president of the Literature Club from the beginning of the game until her deletion in Act 3. She founded it after leaving the Debate Club to pursue her passion.


Sayori is the vice president of the Literature Club from the beginning of the game until her death in Act 1. She is responsible for recruiting the protagonist at the beginning of the game. After the deletion of Monika, Sayori assumes the role of president.


Yuri assumes the role of vice president in Act 2 due to Sayori's absence. It is unknown if she is still the vice president once Sayori is restored during Act 4.


Natsuki is the youngest member of the Literature Club. As she is the only girl in the club not to be given an administrative role at any point in the game, it's possible that she is the club's newest recruit until the protagonist comes along.

Main character

The main character, whose name is given by the player at the start of the game, is the newest member and the only male member of the Literature Club. He is presumably the avatar of the person playing the game, but he possesses his own personality and can be manipulated by the club's president just like the other characters. Unlike the other four, he doesn't have a file in the characters folder.